If you have stopped by, you most likely know who I am. Just in case you don’t, let me tell you just a little about myself.

I was born in Roxboro, NC, the oldest of five. Being the oldest was never boring, to say the least, I had three brothers and one sister. Did you ever have a date and look out the window to see six eyes pressed against the glass? Did you ever have to call the fire department to come and put out a fire that your brother started? Of course he was just roasting marshmallows in his camp and set the woods on fire. Just a small accident that took three fire trucks to put out!

As I was growing up, me and my cousins used to like to go into my grandfathers office. Dr. Merritt was the only Doctor in Person County. We have all heard many stories about him. In his office, which was on the family land in Bethel Hill, outside of Roxboro, there was a skeleton. We would beg our parents to unlock the office so that we could see it. His office has now been moved to downtown Roxboro. Take a look.

When I turned 16 I got my first car. Nothing like the kids of today – I had a ’49 Fleet line Chevrolet. I named it “Bucket Of Bolts”. I was not allowed to drive an automatic until I mastered straight gear; this one had vacuum shift gears. I bet you don’t know what that is, well let me tell you, it is not an easy thing to master, especially in Roxboro, where there is nothing but hills! Master it I did, then went on to have a 57 Chevy with fuel injection-boy could I drive that thing, after that came a TBird. Those were the fun days, full of friends, cars and boys. One of the biggest worries that I had was finding .50 to buy some gas. Yes .50 would let you drive all over town. Going to “Toot and Tellit” after school for French fries and coconut pie.

In the summertime, I would go to Montreat, NC, a little place in the mountains.My grandmother had a house there and I would take her up there and spend the summer. I drove her wherever she needed to go and worked at a boarding house serving meals. I would always meet a lot of friends there, the only problem was that they never stayed as long as I did.

After high school I went to a girls school in Red Springs, NC, Vardell Hall. This used to be Flora McDonald college, I was the fifth generation to attend this school.I had a good friend from school who's name was Donella, I liked the name so much that I later named one of my daughters Donella. This is where I met my husband to be, he was a judge in a beauty contest that I was in. My car at this time was a red olds starfire convertible, that was a car! My brother now has the car and is restoring it. Did I mention his hobby is collecting Corvettes and one lonely Starfire. We are talking Serious here!


The next milestone in my life was marriage. That happened in 1965, I was 20 years old.


In 1967 my first daughter was born. The beginning of Motherhood, this is a special time in a woman’s life. When Clancy was a year old we were living in Wilmington, NC. She loved the ocean, as I do. We would take her down to the beach and put her down at the dunes. She would crawl as fast as she could to the water, and keep going until you picked her up. Clancy was just full of herself and quite the “hand full”!


In 1972 my second daughter was born. This time having a baby around the house was easier, because it was not all new to me. Of course Clancy wanted to help do everything. On Donella’s first day of school, she said “I think that I will stay home with you today Mom”. Donella was a real homebody, she loved her surroundings.

1980 and the next few years were a tough time for me and my family. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemo was not fun, but a very strong will and determination, and lots of friends got me through it. I was 35 years old and had two daughters to raise, one 13 and one 8 - this could not get the best of me! There were many days when it took all day to do the laundry and make up the beds, but I just had to look to the future. I feel very fortunate to be here today to see my girls, as the fine young women that they have become. When you have been down this road, every sunrise and every sunset is a bonus in your life. The flowers become more beautiful and the little things in life become more special.

Clancy graduated from UNC Wilmington, with a degree in Marine Biology.

Donella graduated from Alamance Community College with a degree in Animal Care.

They were and still are, wonderful girls. I am very proud of them.

I love them very much.

May 7, 1994
Donella married David and they now have the“apple of my eye” Cameron.Cameron was born March 31, 1999. Donella and David are wonderful parents, it gives me great joy to watch them. Donella and David had a hard time getting Cameron to this world, they are all three very special! I will save all of my Cameron photos for later, as I have many!

My husband of 31 years decided to start a new life in September, 1996, I was 50 years old. In 1998 we were divorced, after 33 years of marriage.

I won’t take you down the road that I have been since that time. I will say that it has not been easy. There are many stages that one goes through, but with the help of friends and family, you manage to make it. In essence it is like starting at square one, only you are a lot older. Fortunately for me I had a job that I had been full time for only 6 months, and a wonderful set of coworkers and a fantastic boss! My mother drove me to work every day and picked me up (for over a year). After two years I was able to get myself a car. What a scary day that was. I did not tell a soul what I was going to do because I wasn’t sure that I could do it. I did! I have accomplished a lot with my life since 1996. I have done many things that I did not realize that I could do. I have found the person that had gotten buried over the years, as I had lost myself to my family. I have gotten my house in order, so that maybe one day I can go where my heart is, Long Beach. I have rebuilt the foundation on my house, put on a new roof, gutted and rebuilt one bathroom among many other tasks.

I have made progress in my job. Because my boss believed in me, I was given a promotion to webmaster. Can you imagine, someone who had never used a computer until 1995 doing webmastering. I have been to school to learn HTML, Dreamweaver, Front Page, and Java Script. I have written a RFP and I have gone before a Board of Directors to give a recommendation for a Web Company. I must give credit here, I could not have achieved this if it were not for the company that I work for, nor the Web Company who has helped me to learn so much! I am very fortunate to have so many wonderful people in my life. I have had many adjustments in my life, I have one thing that I mostly live by: What ever life gives you, if you can not change it, set your goals, don’t look back and go after it. I have two wonderful daughters, a great son-in-law and of course a Very Special Grandson! I am able to provide my Mother a place to live and I love my job. I live modestly, but I have much!

I hope that you enjoy visiting my site. It is a learning tool for me, so that I can practice on my new found interest. You may see things that don't make any since, that is because I am still learning. The young man that is helping me to learn keeps telling me "this is suppose to be fun". This site is fun, unlike the one that I manage at work where I can not afford to try new things. So just hang in there and maybe one day this site will be top notch. You will find that the site is mostly about my family, life, hobbies and friends because this is what I know best.

This is for you JC:

I must share with you what is probably the most important accomplishment, other than my two girls, that has happened in my life thus far. Today I received word from NAR (National Association of REALTORS) that our website was among the 8 best sites out of 75 that were judged. I had entered the site in a contest about three months ago. I told only a very few people that I had done this. There were three categories, we won the best site for members! Of course it took all of the Staff along with myself to achieve this honor. The main player here was our web company, QBlue - they listened and built exactly what we wanted. I might add here that this is one of the finest companies that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I received flowers, emails and lots of congratulations. For once in 30 years of my life, it seems that I have done something right! On a personal level, I am still flying high, I feel like I have finally done some good. I feel that I have helped my Company by giving them National recognition, I have helped QBlue by, I hope, giving them more business, and I know that I have given my boss great pride. By doing this, I feel that I have given back, just a "smidgen" of what these people have given to me. If you would like to view our site visit: www.trianglemls.com this is where I spend most of my time. Thank you to our Staff, Thank You, Sherron and Ray, and Thank You JC! I have finally ARRIVED!


Just an update on my "goings on". I have been mostly just working and being with my family. What you would call just every day "stuff".

I have had the excitement of planning for a new granddaughter. Her name will be Grace Merritt Hamrick-Davis. If you have read any of my above saga, you will recognize the Merritt name. This was my Mothers maiden name. Donella and I gave Clancy a shower in July (some of the photos are on the home page). All that Clancy has ever wanted in her entire life is to have a child. Without going into some history, I will tell you that we thought it would never happen. I am not sure if she even believes it to this day! Even her doctor says that it is a miracle. Clancy is very impatient and is ready for Grace to arrive-I know how that is-I am sure many women do. I told her that this is one time that she will have to be patient as Grace will arrive when she is ready! Grace is scheduled to arrive around September 1. Clancy arrived into this world on September 6. All is just fine with Clancy and her doctor says that he thinks Grace is around 8 lbs. Clancy has had a lot on her plate lately, I can't help but worry about her - I wish for her life to be full of love and happiness.

My work is going just great! I continue to learn new things. My web pages have gotten better and I can do them rather quickly now. I have gotten to know some of my coworkers much better because of doing the web pages for them. I was surprised this week by being told to attend a Directors Meeting. I was recognized because of the contest that the site won,a very special day in my life. Someone told me that I was most blessed, this is true. Working with the website has brought so much into my life. I would like to tell you about some very special people that have made this happen for me. I do not want to embarrass them so I will not voice it here. They know who they are and what they have given to me, and how very special they are! <smile here>.

I do have one dark cloud hanging over me at this time. My grandson has been ill lately. I found out tonight that he has been admitted to Duke for observation. I can hardly stand this, it is as bad as if it were your own child. Maybe even worse, as you don't feel that you have to be strong for that child, as he is not your responsibility. When you are the parent you know what is going on, when you are the Grandmother, you have to wonder a lot. Not to mention going through the torment for your child who is having to deal with things on a minute by minute basis! This is not a fun place to be. I will find my way to Duke tomorrow to see my "sweet boy"! If I could get my hands on Bob the Builder, I would take him with me.

Cameron got better and had a zillion test, nothing was found to be wrong with him. Thank the good Lord above!

Not much to report at this time, Grace is growing, she is just a little over a month old now. Cameron was over at my house for the day. We had much fun - we went to wash my car, I think that he thought that way pretty neat. All of the fire trucks were out at the fire station and one of the firemen waved to him - he liked that. Cameron really had fun cutting with scissors - we must have done that for several hours.

This morning I had breakfast with a friend that I haven't seen in years, Her husband and I had quite the conversation about websites and digital cameras. It was nice to see them again.