A hobby that I have enjoyed very much is making stained glass window hangings. I have always liked stained glass, as it is most beautiful. I took some classes at Durham Tech. and learned this craft. I have made quite a few things, unfortunately I only have two of them. I made some pieces on commission and sold some in a art gallery in Long Beach

The piece at the left is one that I made for myself, and my most beautiful. My friend Carolyn watched it in the making, always stating that she wanted it. To make a long story short, I finally sold it to her.I won a blue ribbon in a contest with this one.

The piece of glass on the right is the largest one that I have ever done. A gentleman from Long Beach, whom I did not know, saw my work and commissioned me to make the yellow roses for his wife. This was to be her anniversary gift.

Bird of Paradise

I made this piece of glass for Tom and Ellen and gave it to them when they moved into their new home.

The above piece of stained glass hangs proudly in my den window. This is the second piece that I made and my first using beveled glass.